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Since Chainlink is currently the talk of the town, you might be interested in purchasing this token too. Well, whether you want to buy, sell or trade LINK, you need the best exchange in Australia to help you purchase it with ease. 

Chainlink is a part of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem and is backed by solid Oracle Network technology that provides real-world data to blockchain’s smart contracts. So the reason for its growth is justifiable; it’s not a meaningless coin like DOGE. 

Keep reading this guide if you want to know how to purchase Chainlink in Australia and what are the best exchanges for purchasing cryptocurrencies, including Chainlink. So let’s get started:

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange to Buy Chainlink in Australia:

  1. Independent Reserve:

The most trusted crypto exchange in Australia, Independent Reserve, was launched in 2013 and has seen great growth since then, making it on the list of the country’s largest exchanges. They have a very beginner-friendly platform allowing Aussies to sign up in minutes, get verified with ease, and be ready to fill their wallets with those Chainlink tokens. Here are some specifications of Independent Reserve:

  • Deposit Methods: SWIFT, PayID/Osko, POLi, EFT, and more
  • Trading Fee: 0.05% to 0.5%
  • Fiat Currencies: AUD, NZD, and USD
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, Chainlink, and 20 more. 

Independent Reserve is available to people throughout the world looking to purchase Chainlink. However, the key focus markets of the platform are Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. Moreover, they offer a wide range of deposit methods, including PayID/Osko, POLi, EFT, and SWIFT, making it a piece of cake for Aussies to purchase Chainlink.

The Independent Reserve Platform has a very easy-to-understand trading interface allowing first-timers to navigate their way to purchasing Chainlink without any roadblocks. 

  1. CoinSpot:

They are widely known as the most trusted and user-friendly crypto exchange in Australia, especially for beginner traders looking to quickly purchase Chainlink and other cryptocurrencies. The best part of joining CoinSpot is their MASSIVE portfolio of cryptocurrencies going above 250 different coins, including Chainlink and many more decentralized finance projects. The fee for trading on CoinSpot ranges from 0.1% for Market Orders to 1% for Instant Buy/Sell. 

  • Deposit Methods: SWIFT, PayID/Osko, POLi, EFT, and Crypto
  • Trading Fee: 0.1% to 1%
  • Fiat Currencies: AUD
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, Chainlink, and 250 more. 

One of the best parts of using CoinSpot is their secure and user-friendly wallet for traders to store their Chainlink and other crypto coins. This way, Aussies can easily manage their digital assets and exchange them for AUDs whenever they want. 

CoinSpot also offers a neat dashboard allowing traders to keep an eye on their asset portfolios and their performances over different time periods

Overall, CoinSpot is the most beginner-friendly and trustworthy crypto exchange platform dedicated to Aussies as it lets you trade in AUD pairs, which many exchanges don’t. From creating your account to purchasing Chainlink and other crypto assets, everything is a walk in the park with CoinSpot.

  1. Swyftx

Established recently in 2017, Swyftx is a very successful crypto exchange platform from Queensland, Australia. They offer a very sleek interface allowing Aussies to purchase and sell over 100 different coins, including Chainlink. The founder frequently interacts with traders in his Facebook group called Crypto Australia, which had over 40,000 members at the time of Swyftx’s launch, so that gave it a good push in growth. 

  • Deposit Methods: SWIFT, PayID/Osko, POLi, EFT, and Cryptocurrency
  • Trading Fee: 0.6%
  • Fiat Currencies: AUD (but converted into USD when trading)
  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, Chainlink, and 220 more. 

Swyftx is a direct competitor of CoinSpot because of its user-friendly menus and the range of cryptocurrencies available. However, it lacks in the fee department because you only pay 0.1% when trading on Market Orders of CoinSpot, but the same fee is 0.6% when trading on Swyftx. Plus, they also charge some conversion fees when converting your AUD into USD for trading. 

Overall, Swyftx is great for its simplicity, letting everyone stepping their toe into the sea of crypto quickly buy any coin, including LINK.

Parting Words:

All three crypto exchanges mentioned above work great for purchasing LINK, BTC, Ripple, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies. However, their fees vary, and trading volumes vary as well. You need to go for the one that is easier to use, offers the features you want and doesn’t have hefty fees.

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