Buying Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

Our favourite way to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand for ANZ Bank users is with Swyftx

If you’re a beginner who just started joining in the crypto boom, it may be tempting to see what it’s all about and invest a few dollars.

But, buying Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency through ANZ Bank is not the best way to start. As of now, ANZ bank doesn’t have the best support when it comes to dealing with non-traditional currency like crypto and other digital assets. You’ll need to head to a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange for this instead.


So, know this: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group doesn’t allow customers to buy cryptocurrency, including major tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, and Dogecoin. If you go for them, you may run the risk of them closing your account if you’re dealing with large swings of money withdrawals and deposits, which is always a risk worth avoiding.


With that said, we recommend you choose a dedicated exchange platform like Swyftx instead.


For New Zealand folks interested in buying Bitcoin, we recommend using Swyftx since it’s the platform that’s considered to be Australia’s most trusted and secure exchange website when it comes to cryptocurrency.


Here’s How


Since Swyftx is heralded as one of Australia’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, there’s no reason not to rely on the service as a way to invest in over 250 crypto assets. On top of that, it’s also one of Australia’s longest running crypto exchange platforms.


To start, you can use any local currency like the NZD or AUD to start investing in cryptocurrency through Swyftx. This can save you from any expensive exchange rates mishaps that you could struggle with in global crypto platforms.


If you want to buy through an ANZ Bank account, you can use Swyftx for that too. The fees are quite low, which means you won’t have to worry about a large cut being taken away from you in Swyftx fees in your first Bitcoin investment.


To sum it up, Swyftx is a local crypto exchange leader to buy cryptocurrency with ANZ bank customers, whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, or any other of the 200+ listed cryptocurrencies available in their platform.


Buying Bitcoin in New Zealand with ANZ Bank through Swyftx. 

Here are the steps you must take in order to buy Bitcoin in Swyftx. This shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes, and the verification process will take no longer than a day if not immediately.


  1. Register and Create an Account with
  2. Secure yourself with a 2FA or your Two-factor Authentication
  3. Verify All of Your Personal Details in Swyftx
  4. Deposit an NZD Amount into Your Swyftx Account with ANZ Bank
  5. Navigate in the Trade Page
  6. Choose Bitcoin (or crypto if your choice)
  7. Choose Your NZD Amount to Buy Bitcoin
  8. Confirm Your Order and Commit to Buy Bitcoin


By following these simple steps, you’re set to buy Bitcoin through ANZ Bank in the most secure and straightforward way possible.


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