Buying Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin with The Bank of New Zealand BNZ

The number one way to buy Bitcoin for BNZ Bank customers is through the crypto exchange SwyftX

Buying your first crypto can be tough, but there are many reliable exchange platforms out there that can help you start your crypto journey.


It’s true: buying Bitcoin through financial institutions like BNZ Bank may not actually be as reliable compared to buying from dedicated exchange platforms. Why, you may ask. As of now, BNZ bank doesn’t have the best support for crypto trading and dealing with other digital assets. If you want the best experience, you may want to consider a dedicated crypto exchange platform instead.


If you try to look for cryptocurrency in your local bank, chances are they won’t always be available. This restricts you from purchasing the hottest cryptocurrency in Australia like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, and Ripple. There’s also the risk of being tagged as a suspicious individual when you deal with large amounts of money coming in and out of your bank account – which can compromise your Australian dollar savings.


The solution to that? Opt for reliable crypto exchanges like SwyftX instead. 


For a Kiwi or Australian who loves Bitcoin and Ethereum, Swfytx is the latest powerful tool that can help you transact with these top-performing cryptocurrencies. SwyftX is secure, reliable, and holds over 200+ different crypto tokens in its website, giving you a variety of options for your next big investment.


Here’s how.


With SwyftX known to be one of Australia’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, and is also the oldest, you can rely on this platform to make it easy for you to invest in more than 250 different cryptocurrencies.


You’re free to use your local currency, whether it’s NZD or AUD, to start investing in crypto through Swyftx. Using this platform gives you an advantage from other global platforms since you don’t have to deal with currency rates – everything’s dealt from their end.


If you want to buy through your BNZ Bank account, you can also use Swyftx to perform this process. The good thing for customers is that Swytfx fees are exceedingly low. This gives you more value for each crypto purchase you make through the platform.


That said, it’s not unusual for us to claim that Swyftx is a leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform in Australia. It can help you transact and trade in cryptocurrency, as it did for thousands of other Kiwis and Australians.


Buying Bitcoin in New Zealand with BNZ Bank through Swyftx.  


Here are the steps you must follow to buy Bitcoin in Swyftx. This shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes, and the verification process will take no longer than a day if not instantly.


  1. Register an Account in the website:
  2. Create a 2FA or your Two-factor Authentication
  3. Insert All of Your Personal or Business Details with Swyftx
  4. Deposit an NZD Amount into Your Swyftx Account with BNZ Bank
  5. Navigate to the Trade Page
  6. Choose Ethereum, BTC, or crypto of choice.
  7. Choose Your NZD Amount to Buy Bitcoin
  8. Confirm Your Order and Commit to Buy Bitcoin


That’s it! Once done, you’ll be on your way to buying Bitcoin through BNZ Bank just like thousands of other Kiwis in this secure platform.


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