Buying Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin with Westpac NZ

We highly recommend Swyftx as our favourite way to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand for Westpac NZ users. 

If you’re just starting to dip your toes in cryptocurrency, it can be difficult to wrap your head around how it works at first.


While signs may initially indicate that your bank is a trusted guardian for all your finances, this doesn’t exactly hold true with digital currency. As of now, banks like Westpac NZ don’t directly support the transaction of cryptocurrency and other digital assets in its platform. This means that if you want the safest, most reliable, and most beginner-friendly experience, you’ll have to look elsewhere.


To sum it up, Westpac NZ doesn’t give the best options for you to get started with cryptocurrency, whether it’s Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, or Dogecoin. This is true for both its app and site.


With that said, you may be wondering what’s the best platform then. We have a solution for you: SwyftX.


For Kiwis or Australians looking to make their first purchase with Bitcoin or Ethereum, SwyftX is a great place to get started for any beginner located in the continent. The reason why is because it’s the most trusted, reliable, private, and secure cryptocurrency that’s hosted right in Australia. On top of that, there’s also over 200+ tokens for you to choose from – and much more.


Here’s how.


“Since SwyftX known to be one of Australia’s oldest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, you can rely on this platform to give you an easy time when investing in its selection of over 250 different cryptocurrencies.


You can choose to use your local currency, whether it’s AUD or NZD, to start investing in crypto with Swyftx. Being on this platform fares better than choosing other global crypto platforms since you don’t have to deal with currency rates and fees. More value to you.


If you want to buy crypto through your Westpac Bank account, you can do so with SwyftX. The best part about choosing this option is that Swytfx fees are exceedingly low. Each time you may make a crypto purchase through the platform, you’re saving more than if you would on other platforms.


That said, we believe that Swyftx is the leading cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange platform in Australia and New Zealand. It’s website is easy to understand and use, and its services have helped over thousands of Kiwis and Australians, young and old, get a position in crypto.


Buying Bitcoin in New Zealand with Westpac Bank through Swyftx 


Here are the steps you should take to buy Bitcoin in Swyftx. This process won’t take longer than a couple of minutes, and the verification process will take no longer than a day to reflect in your wallet, if not right away.


  1. Create and Register an Account with
  2. Set up 2FA or your Two-factor Authentication
  3. Verify All of Your Personal (or Business) Details with Swyftx
  4. Deposit an AUD Amount into Your Swyftx Account with ASB Bank
  5. Navigate to the Trade Page
  6. Choose Bitcoin
  7. Choose Your AUD Amount to Buy Bitcoin
  8. Confirm Your Order and Commit to Buy Bitcoin


Once you’ve confirmed, just wait and the updated balance will soon reflect in your site’s wallet. Buying Bitcoin through Westpac Bank in New Zealand is safe and straightforward. We hope you’ve learned much. Be sure to read everything to make sure you’re secure. Cheers!


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