How To Buy Baby Dogecoin: Where To Buy Baby Doge?

Baby Dogecoin is one of the fastest-growing meme coins, but have you ever wondered how to buy Baby Dogecoins? 


With over 800,000 followers on Twitter, this cryptocurrency is one of the trending topics on the platform. In a week, this coin’s price goes up by 50%, and in 30 days, it increases by 310%, reiterating the price surge SHIB saw in 2021.


As a result, there’s a shift of focus toward Baby Dogecoin, as more crypto holders are now interested in the token.

What Is Baby Dogecoin?

Baby Dogecoin is a hyper-deflationary coin founded in 2021 to reward coin holders.


Dogecoin transactions made by users will add more coins to their DOGE wallets.


Holders are charged a 5% fee for any transactions involving Baby Dogecoin. With time, however, Dogecoin tokens will be in short supply. 

How To Buy Baby Dogecoin

Since there’s a lot of interest in Baby Doge, holders can acquire it on various crypto exchanges like:


  • OKX, 
  • Bitrue
  • MEXC
  • CoinEx
  • PancakeSwap


So, here are the steps for all who need to obtain Baby Dogecoin:


  • Find the list of exchanges on CoinMarketCap — a crypto-assets price tracking website.
  • Depending on the crypto marketplace where you want to buy your Baby Doge, choose one of the following platforms: OKEx,, Bitrue, WazirX, etc.
  • Navigate to the platform of choice for the acquisition, initiate the transaction, and secure the amount of Baby Doge you want.


Baby Dogecoin is not available on prominent exchange platforms like Binance or Coinbase.


Nevertheless, these big exchanges will soon make DOGE available as it sits at the 109th position on CoinGecko.


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