How To Buy Crypto With PNC Bank

Can One Buy Cryptocurrency with PNC Bank?

At the moment, PNC Bank or PNC Financial Services Group doesn’t offer any services that allow their customers to use digital currencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Even though they’re planning to integrate an exchange to their banking platform through Coinbase, there’s no official confirmation on when this will happen. 

How to Purchase Cryptocurrency Using PNC Bank

The only way to purchase digital currencies using a PNC bank account is via a governed crypto exchange platform in the U.S. The best exchange site to use when trading is eToro since users get access to various investment assets, including digital currencies, ETFs, commodities, futures contracts, and stocks in one site.


Additionally, the eToro platform doesn’t charge any trading fees, and they offer low and fast fee USD deposits for PNC Bank clients. Follow the steps below to start using the eToro site:


  1. Open an  eToro USA account
  2. Make a USD Deposit from the PNC Bank through ACH Transfer
  3. Identify the cryptocurrency you wish to purchase
  4. Enter the USD amount and purchase

PNC Bank Digital Currency Policy

As PNC Bank recently declared their plans to incorporate a digital asset exchange platform into their financial services, it’s safe to assume that they have an optimistic outlook on the cryptocurrency trading sphere. 


Upon evaluating their internal policies, there aren’t any current regulations that bar PNC Bank customers from investing or trading in digital assets from licensed trading sites. 

PNC Bank Charges

Luckily for eToro clients, the platform doesn’t charge any deposit fees on electronic fund transfers from the Bank to your eToro account. This simply means that users incur no cost when they make their USD deposit to when they complete their first trade on the eToro site. 

Bottom Line

The fastest and most straightforward way to purchase digital assets via a PNC Bank account is by using a regulated crypto exchange platform in the United States. The best platform to use is eToro since it offers stocks, EFTs, crypto, gold and more with no trading charges. 

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