How To Buy Crypto With Wells Fargo

Does Wells Fargo Offer Crypto?

Wells Fargo doesn’t provide users with native cryptocurrency solutions for digital currency trading. However, you can acquire cryptocurrencies with your Wells Fargo account from a US-based licensed crypto exchange.

You only need to register, link your Wells Fargo account, and make a deposit in U.S. Dollars.

Wells Fargo Overview 

Established in 1852 during the California Gold Rush, Wells Fargo has played a crucial role in U.S. banking for about 17 decades and is one of the most prominent banks. After multiple high-profile incidents in 2010, Wells Fargo focused on customer service and technology advancements to rebuild its reputation and public trust.

Pros and Cons 


  • It is easily accessible: Wells Fargo is easily accessible with approximately 4,900 areas and over 12,000 ATMs spreading throughout 37 states.
  • Monthly costs are usually abandoned: Although Wells Fargo charges maintenance fees on several of its deposit accounts, the bank offers a variety of ways to eliminate them.
  • Secure information exchange and financial management apps: Wells Fargo collaborated with Intuit in 2017 to enable clients to use QuickBooks Online, Mint, and TurboTax Online with a smooth and entirely secure connection. Users of Wells Fargo can now share data with these Intuit services, enabling them to manage their money without endangering their account security.


  • Annual Percentage Yield is low: Conventional banks’ account APYs are often lower than other digital equivalents. Wells Fargo gives pitiful rates on all savings alternatives; 0.01%–0.02%. Each savings account has monthly charges. When an account falls below a threshold daily balance, it will generate a negative balance.
  • Three times daily overdraft charges: Whenever you overdraw money from your bank account using a Wells Fargo Debit Card Overdraft Service, you’ll pay $35. Unfortunately, the bank’s regulations allow for three overdrafts each day, meaning that any slight mistake might cost you up to $105 in overdraft penalties. There is a fee for Overdraft Protection that you’ll be charged every workday. However, depending on the type of account you use, the amount may differ.
  • Wells Fargo has been dogged by controversies, with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau levying billions of dollars in penalties. Employees have been engaged in unlawful operations for years. According to a 2016 report, these operations include charging clients additional fees, establishing bogus accounts, and repossessing houses and automobiles without authorisation.

How to Buy Crypto with a Wells Fargo Account

To trade cryptocurrencies, we suggest that Wells Fargo account users use a reputable digital exchange such as eToro. Their technology allows Wells Fargo account holders to make deposits quickly, and their costs are much lower than that of other prominent platforms like Coinbase. eToro is a zero-commission service.


The following guide provides a high-level summary of how to begin.


  1. Go to eToro USA and sign up.
  2. Transfer USD from Wells Fargo through your bank account. 
  3. Locate the currency you would like to purchase.
  4. Enter the USD amount and click “Buy.”

‍What is Wells Fargo’s Crypto Policy?

Wells Fargo’s internal banking regulations do not restrict clients from utilising licensed cryptocurrency services in the United States. It implies that you could quickly transfer U.S. Dollars to safe and reputable exchangers. Both Coinbase and eToro are excellent choices, but remember that Coinbase has a 2% trading fee.


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