How to Use Swyftx?

Once you join the Swyftx platform, you will be provided with many features right on the dashboard. This can be somewhat challenging for someone who never used a financial exchange platform before.
So if you’re just dipping your toe in the crypto space and have joined Swyftx recently, read this guide to know how to use Swyftx.
Here’s How to Use Swyftx Dashboard:
Initial Dashboard Functions:
When you log into your account, you will land right on the Swyftx dashboard. There will be different links/tabs on the dashboard, including Verify, Deposit, Trade and Share. If you need to use any of these functions, just click on it, and you will get a box with different buttons to complete the action you selected.
For instance, if your account is not verified, you can click on ‘Verify’, and a new box will appear with different fields to fill, including your personal information, address and so on. The same goes for the deposit, where you can select any button from the deposit dialogue box, including AUD, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Other Essential Features of Dashboard:
Favourites: This is where you will be able to view all the cryptocurrencies you have added to your favourites. You can add any asset to your favourites by hovering your mouse over it and clicking on the small star. The Favourites section will show the current values and recent performance history of the cryptocurrencies allowing you to find the right spot to buy or sell easily.
Top Movers: This will show you recent top-performing cryptocurrencies, including their performance percentage and current values, making it more convenient for users to keep an eye on assets with the best potential.
Referrals: You will see a ‘referrals’ tab on your dashboard that will show you the number of people signed up to Swyftx using your referral link. It also has a button called ‘Dashboard’ that will show you further details like your affiliate earnings and more.
Portfolio: Every single asset you’ve purchased off the Swyftx platform will be shown collectively in the form of a doughnut chart with different colours assigned to each. The chart will have a percentage allocated to each asset, telling you how much of a particular asset makes up the total of your portfolio out of 100%.
Account Status: This will show you the current status of your account, like whether it’s verified or not, the level of your account, the benefits and functions associated with your account and so on.
What’s New? Every latest news and update from Swyftx and Crypto space will appear here. From platform updates to the announcement of new features and how you can stay protected, every news will be provided here as soon as the Swyftx team rolls it out.
The best part of Swyftx Dashboard that most crypto exchanges in Australia don’t offer is the customizability. This means you can change your dashboard’s layout by moving or even hiding certain features as per your liking.

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