How to Withdraw From Swyftx

The process for withdrawing fiat currency is pretty straightforward on Swyftx so we won’t go into that. What confuses people the most is how to withdraw from Swyftx to their crypto wallets so this guide will talk about that, make sure to read every step carefully for better understanding. 

Swyftx Withdrawal for Crypto – Step By Step Process:

  1. Verifying Your Wallet Address:
  • Sending your crypto funds to your wallet is pretty simple with Swyftx. You can access the withdrawal page by going to Trade, then Asset, and then clicking on the Asset you want to withdrawal. 
  • Next, you will have to add the withdrawal address and verify it. For this, click on the + button located on the Withdrawal Address table. Then, fill all the fields including the label (the name or description of the wallet address for easy identification) and the address of the wallet. Double check the address and click add.
  • Now you will get a confirmation SMS to your mobile phone containing a verification code. Enter it on the screen prompt at Swyftx and click on Verify. This should verify your withdrawal address.
  1. Withdrawing Crypto:
  • After verification, you will have to locate that newly added wallet on the withdrawal page and then click on the hand and dollar sign in blue colour. This will open a dialog box for withdrawal. If the icon doesn’t appear, then it means your wallet address is not verified so do that first. Or try refreshing the screen.
  • Next, enter the amount of the crypto asset you want to send to your wallet and select the reason to withdraw. You will be shown the amount balance in AUD as well, if you wish to withdraw in AUD, you can select it as well. You will also be able to see the network mining fee.
  • Check everything to ensure all the information is correct and then click on the Withdraw button to execute the order.

The funds should land in your wallet in 3-5 minutes depending on how busy the network is. 

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