Is Swyftx Legitimate?

Is Swyftx legitimate? A question that lingers in the mind of every Aussie trader and investor when he/she thinks of buying some bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. That’s because most expert crypto reviewers on the internet point them in the direction of Swyftx exchange because of its competitive fees and fast service. 

But what many reviewers fail to mention are the platform’s security measures or whether it is regulated by government authorities. This makes people wonder if it is safe to put their money on the platform. Well, it is safe to do so and Swyftx is indeed a legitimate platform. Read on to know more.

Here’s Why We Believe Swyftx is the REAL Deal:

Excellent Security Measures: 

Have you noticed the one thing that’s common among the most scammers or platforms with shady tactics? They cut corners and keep the platform pretty basic. They want to hoard as much money as they can before running off to the beaches of Panama.

So because of that, scammy financial platforms don’t go to great lengths to make the platform impenetrable; it requires a lot of money to do so. This is exactly why we believe Swyftx is 100% LEGIT.

They have implemented features like 2-factor authentication, IP monitoring, internal and external security audit, session expiry, JWT tokens, Auth0, and more. If they are spending so much money on having airtight security, then it shows how sincere and committed they are to securing their users’ data and money.

Licensed & Regulated:

If the government is involved in any matter, it automatically becomes legal and legit. The same is with Swyftx as it is regulated by AUSTRAC, which is an Australian government entity responsible for detecting and preventing criminal abuse of the financial system. 

Swyfyx is also a registered company and you can view all of that information here. Both the registration and regulation prove that Swyftx is here to stay and serve its customers. 

Excellent Reviews:

You cannot go wrong with trusting what fellow traders have to say about a platform. If 3rd party reviews by individuals are supporting an exchange then it indicates it probably is trustworthy. On Trust Pilot, Swyftx has an average of 4.7 ratings out of 5 with a total of 2400+ reviews. 

From its safety features to low fees and competitive spreads, people have praised a lot of things about the platform, making it an indisputable choice for Aussies. 

Very Responsive Support:

Last but not least, their customer response time is excellent as there are several members in their support team, ready to assist via email, phone, Telegram, and live chat. 

Although good customer support alone is not a guarantee of legitimacy of a platform, if we combine it with the three aforementioned reasons to trust Swyftx then yes, you can trust it. 

Parting Words:

We have done several reviews on Swyftx, its safety, fees, and other factors and every time, we have concluded that yes, swyftx is legitimate. So if you are looking to join the platform, you can do so with your eyes closed and wallet open. 

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