New Cryptocurrency Releases 2021: What New Crypto Coins Are Coming Out in 2021?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for the advanced Cryptocurrency launch already established. And you’re right; we’ve got you covered. 


At this point, it’s 13 years since the introduction of Bitcoin into the market. While it’s not the first cryptocurrency, it’s only after the emergence of BTC that the crypto market became visible to many, leading to a plethora of advanced cryptocurrencies since then. For example, in 2020, we saw the introduction of the Shiba Inu Coin. 


So, what can we expect in 2021 in the Cryptocurrency market? Let’s find out. 

New Cryptocurrency Releases 2021

There are numerous cryptocurrencies (tokens or altcoins) launched every month. Specifically, in May 2021, the total number of cryptocurrencies introduced was 10,115(Through CoinMarketCap). And just as we approached December, the number went up to 15,309. 


Cryptocurrency always requires you to conduct efficient research before injecting money into the investment. The Crypto world continues to have significant changes, and therefore you should also scale up and make the right investing decisions.  


At the beginning of 2021, Safemoon was released, Dubai coin (May), and Internet Computer (May), which saw massive changes in the cryptocurrency world. Similarly, there has been an upward trend in meme coins founded around Shiba Inu and Doge memes. 


Besides the surge in cryptocurrencies and crypto users, there was also increased interest in blockchain games and NFTs in 2021, which gave people many opportunities of earning from and invest in crypto.

New Cryptocurrency Releases December 2021

In December 2021, many tokens and coins were launched, which was impressive as many people had been anticipating and eagerly waiting. They include Kaizilla, the monster adventure, SOD (Son of Doge), Cryptogram, and ARC (Arcade Network). 


Similarly, December 2021 also saw the emergence of DAO tokens, which became popular among most users. However, an influx was initiated mainly by the media, which spearheaded the ConstitutionDAO in their quest to secure the US Constitution copy. They include PAPA DAO, CheeseDAO, SuperBrain Capital as well as humanDAO.  


However, as we’ve seen with many cryptocurrencies, you need to do substantial research before injecting your finances into a new coin. A great example is the Squid Game Token, which appeared in November and later decreased by 99.99%. 

Upcoming Cryptocurrency Releases 2021

Despite many cryptocurrencies token and coins being released in the early stages of 2021, it’s expected that the surge of cryptocurrency tokens will continue. We can only wait for Diem (a digital currency) to launch in mid-2022. 


Furthermore, Amazon will soon hop on the bandwagon by launching its digital currency. However, they have made a rebuttal about their clear intentions to take up bitcoin, which means that their digital currency might have to wait. That might be why Shiba Coin users have aired their frustrations demanding Amazon to incorporate SHIB. 


Similarly, numerous IDOs and ICOs platforms and tokens started but didn’t make it to the back end of 2021. They include Santos Fan token, BSC Memepad as well as RaceFi. 

Cryptocurrency Updates 2021

2021 already has numerous cryptocurrencies, but that’s not all. We’ve already had the opportunity to try out Cardano hard forks and BNB Burns, and we expect more in the future. Ethereum also made a comeback as it launched EIP-1559 for the Ethereum 2.0, but we might have to wait until 2022 to see what it’s all about. 


Regarding Cardano, there was a transformation on September 12 as they introduced the smart contracts. The Djeb stablecoin and the 4 HYdra L2 have also been condemned with their future release coming. 


For Dogecoin they are awaiting the 1.21 upgrade. Not so long ago, we welcomed the 1.14.5 Dogecoin Core. Moreover, the Shiba Inu ecosystem is awaiting future changes and expansion. 


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