Swyftx Minimum Deposit

There are two main methods of depositing funds to your Swyftx account. The first one is the AUD deposit and the second one is the crypto deposit. Both of these are readily available to every user of Swyftx and the process is incredibly smooth. Read on to know the minimum deposit for each and the fees associated with it. 

Swyftx Minimum Deposit for AUD:

The minimum amount you can deposit to your account per day is $30 for AUD transfers. Moreover, the daily limit is 100K AUD if your account is verified.

The best part of depositing AUD in your Swyftx account is that there is no fee as long as it’s over $200 because lower than that attracts a $2 fee. But unlike many crypto exchanges in Australia, there are no deposit charges for amounts over $200. 

However, if you deposit money using a credit card, then there will be a processing fee, but that’s a standard processing fee that is charged for credit card use on every exchange. Swyftx does not charge this fee, your credit card provider does.

Swyftx Minimum Deposit for Crypto:

Swyftx doesn’t charge any fee for crypto deposits. However, you will have to pay a standard network mining fee. This is the absolute necessary fee that everyone pays when they make a crypto transaction to another wallet. It’s the reward that the miners get in exchange for the computational power they provide to facilitate your transaction. 

Swyftx offers a multitude of cryptocurrency deposits, meaning you are not just limited to adding BTC. You can add altcoins as well ranging from Ethereum to XRP and hundreds more. And if a coin is not listed on the deposit page, you can search for it and may come across its own deposit page with instructions for manual transfer. 

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