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If you are looking to put your money in crypto via a legit platform, having low fees, tight spreads and a huge cryptocurrency portfolio then try Swyftx. It is one of the most popular crypto exchanges right now and is also highly secure. 

Is Swyftx Available in the UK?

Yes, Swyftx has finally set its foot in the Great Britain. They got registered as a private limited company in March and the official registration information can be viewed here

Although they have started operating in the UK, they still have several miles to cross including setting up a complete customer support department and adding hundreds of cryptocurrencies. 

How Many Crypto Currencies Are Available at Swyftx UK?

As of now (June 2021), there are only 2 cryptocurrencies available on Swyftx Uk; Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, more coins are on the way because the platform is in a very early stage as it was launch very recently in March 2021.  

The good thing is that GBP is available as a base currency for trading along with USD and BTC. This means you can use your quid to directly purchase crypto pairs, no need to exchange to BTC or USD, and pay a forex fee. 

Is GBD Deposit and Withdrawal Available?

Yes, you can deposit and withdraw your GBP using Bank Transfer, POLi, OSKO, and PayID. Besides bank transfers, all of these methods are incredibly fast, while bank transactions can take 1-2 days, especially if there’s a weekend coming up.

As for the fees, you don’t have to pay anything for transfers of GBP to and from Swyftx UK. However, for crypto transactions, a standard network mining fee will be charged.

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