Swyftx Wallet Address

If you are looking to deposit crypto to Swyftx and don’t know how to do this or how to find a Swyftx wallet address to deposit the funds then this guide is just for you. Keep reading till the end to learn the complete process, which will take not more than 5 minutes. 

Please do not leave this guide halfway through as it’s crucial for you to learn the complete process to ensure your crypto deposits land in Swyftx wallet only and not somewhere else.

Here’s How to Get Swyftx Wallet Address & Deposit Crypto:

  • First of all, know that you can make all types of Crypto deposits and also AUD deposits except for USD. Now to deposit crypto into your account, go to the Trade tab located on your Swyftx dashboard.  Then search for the crypto you want to deposit on the search bar located on the left side of the page below Trade. 
  • Now go to the Deposit tab of your searched crypto and you will see the Swyftx wallet address for depositing that cryptocurrency. 
  • Copy that address to the clipboard by clicking on the three vertical dots icon in blue colour and then clicking on the Copy button. This will ensure you don’t mistype the address or leave out any characters when copying it on your own. 
  • Once you deposit the crypto to Swyftx, wait for at least 30 minutes for the network to complete the transaction. Then, click on the Check For New Deposits located below the wallet address that you copied from the cryptocurrency page on the Swyftx dashboard. You should see the funds you sent deposited into your account. 

What if There’s No Swyftx Wallet Address for a Particular Currency?

  • Although Swyftx has listed all of the major and even many minor cryptocurrencies’ wallet addresses, if they have missed any, you can manually deposit money into it by searching for that currency as you do with other assets on Swyftx’s Trade Tab. 
  • When it appears, click on the Manual Deposit button located in the place of the wallet address. You will be provided with some instructions to receive a deposit address for sending that crypto to your Swyftx account. 
  • Follow all the prompts till the very end to ensure the process goes smoothly and that Swyftx’s developer team knows about your incoming funds. 

It’s not difficult to deposit cryptocurrencies to your Swyftx account, just search for it, get the address or if it’s not there, take the manual deposit route and send your funds, that’s all!

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