Is Swyftx Safe?

Everyone thinking of signing up for the Swyftx platform has this question in their minds; is Swyftx safe? Well, it is safe and after reading this article, you will know why we are saying that. So make sure to stick to this post till the end.  What Are the Security Measures Taken By Swyftx? Swyftx… Continue reading Is Swyftx Safe?

How to Withdraw From Swyftx

The process for withdrawing fiat currency is pretty straightforward on Swyftx so we won’t go into that. What confuses people the most is how to withdraw from Swyftx to their crypto wallets so this guide will talk about that, make sure to read every step carefully for better understanding.  Swyftx Withdrawal for Crypto – Step… Continue reading How to Withdraw From Swyftx

Is Swyftx a Wallet?

No. Swyftx is not just a wallet; it’s so much more and getting a wallet is only an extra perk of joining Swyftx. It is a crypto exchange platform where you can buy, sell and trade more than 250 crypto coins including BTC, XRP, ETH, and more. You can then keep those crypto assets in… Continue reading Is Swyftx a Wallet?

How to Deposit Money into Swyftx?

Navigating through a platform you have just joined can be a little challenging, especially if you are not tech-savvy. And when it involves the transfer of money, you cannot be too careful. So if you are at this page to learn how to deposit money into Swyftx, then read on to know just that.  Modes… Continue reading How to Deposit Money into Swyftx?

Swyftx withdrawal fees

Withdrawing your funds from any crypto exchange should be seamless and Swyftx has sworn to make this true for its users. Read on to know how it does that and how long before the funds land in your account.  What Are Different Swyftx Withdrawal Fees? Just like most crypto exchanges in Australia, you can withdraw… Continue reading Swyftx withdrawal fees